What The Living Heck Is Bin Day Brewing Company?

Bin Day Brewing Co. is the world's first YouTube brewery. BrewTube, if you will.

Created by moderately popular YouTuber Robbie Knox, and some bloke called Mike, Bin Day Brewing is dedicated to making the world a happier place by making sensational beer in a sustainable and ethical way.

We want to build a brewery that is an integral part of the YouTube community, working with creators and viewers to make great drinks and great content.

We want to share what we're doing with the world by being the most open and transparent brewery in the world.

We want to build a business that prioritises happiness in everything we do.

And we want you to join us every step of the way, whether that's by keeping up with what we're doing on our YouTube channel, visiting our tap room when we eventually build it, or even becoming a co-owner in the brewery.

We want to hear from you, get your thoughts, listen to your advice and generally have a lovely chat, so please do get in touch and tell us what's going on with you.

So please, get in touch.

In the meantime, have a great bin day.

Robbie & Mike