What the heck is Medieval Apple Saison beer?

We've brewed a Medieval apple saison with the amazing people at the Wild Beer Co. It's the first beer ever made to go specifically with sausage rolls.

Ever. In history.

It's a story of danger, exotic travel (to Somerset) and curious obsession. But it's also a thoroughly confusing description for a beer.

So we've summed up what it's all about in a rather neat Q&A. Read on...

Q.1 What on Earth are you playing at?

Good question. Medieval apple saison is a bit of a mouthful.

First off, we call it 'Medieval' because we used basalt rocks that were heated to around 500 degrees Celsius to help make it.

We dunked these rocks in the initial brew to help regulate the temperature as well as add colour and flavour to the mix. And – most importantly – it let us play with dangerous things.

We added the apple to give it a bit of a tang and make sure it goes well with sausage rolls (which we ate A LOT of while planning this, for purely professional reasons...)

All of which has left us with a 'saison' – the name given to pale ales that are carbonated (i.e. fizzy) and also fruity and spicy.

Q.2 Sausage rolls? Are you guys feeling OK?

Yes, we're doing fine, but thanks for asking.

Those that follow the career/antics of Mr Robbie Knox esq. will know he has strong opinions on sausage rolls. Strong enough, in fact, to make videos about them with YouTube sensation Jaackmaate.

When we were talking to Wild Beer about what we should make together, some clever soul suggested we keep the sausage-y dream alive by making the perfect beer to go with it. And that's what we did, in the beautiful Somerset countryside with Wild Beer.

Q3. What's it like then?

Firstly, despite its sausage-y credentials, Roll With It is vegan-friendly and is delicious when drunk by itself.

In terms of the whole drinking experience, check out this graphic by the clever folks at Wild Beer, which explains everything:

Q4. What's the deal with the label? That looks awesome.

Yes it does and that's because it wasn't drawn it was CARVED – yes, goddamned carved! – by Norwegian mega-designer Eli Klebbe.

She came up with the design using old lithographic techniques that she either  learned on her design journey or – more likely – were handed down to her by Thor, God of Thunder. She surely belongs in Valhalla.

Q5. This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Where can I get some?

That's lovely of you to say so, thanks!

It's pretty easy to be honest, just click here and do some e-commerce, just like they did in Medieval times.

That's it for now. Catch you soon and thanks, as always, for joining us on the Bin Day Brewing journey. You make us smile.

Mike & Robbie

The Bin Day Brewing Team

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